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[Professionals] Are you ready to enhance your Digital Marketing Strategy Skills?

There is an acute shortage globally in digital skills. The Digital Marketing industry is seeing an unprecedented growth. In India alone, there will be a staggering 18 lac jobs available in Digital transformation services by 2020. So, are you going to miss the bus? Get trained by DMH - a platform founded by successful webpreneurs/agency owners. .

Want to have a high-flying career in Digital Marketing? Looking for actionable insights that can give additional firepower to your management career? Want to learn digital marketing strategies that will appraise your marketing career path? Then, you have come to the right place.

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[Entrepreneurs / Decision Makers] How We Can Help You Get Your Digital Strategy Right!

This Digital Disruption is getting defined and redefined every moment today using an array of jargons, TLAs, frameworks and all and there is a complete chaos which prevails in the market today and the organizations are facing a strong challenge to remain relevant in this Digital era.

At the core of these Digital Journey’s lies the aspiration of a brand to overlap inbound with its consumers , prospects, partners and even employees and the trigger for these is very different than the productivity/tracking / management deployments which we had experienced in a big way in the 90s. Hence we firmly believe that when we visualize a Digitally Enabled Brand it is a supply chain that provides seamless upstream and downstream integration rather than just opening a few own and paid media channels and throwing out some communication for the sake of it.

The important question we encounter every day is that ‘How do we make a start’ and more importantly ‘How do we measure’?

What do we cover in our Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting?

- Assess Organizational digital maturity

- Gather Competitive Intelligence

- Formulate Digital Strategy

- Develop a Digital Roadmap

- Measure the Impact

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