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3 Reasons Why Manufacturers & Traders Must Build Amazon Stores to explore Online Sales

A huge percentage of Manufacturers who have been doing business through general trade have started investing serious time and money on Online Sales specially Amazon.

The preference for a platform like Amazon is because of the features it offers to the Manufacturers to connect with their end consumers especially in terms of Order Management, Fulfillment, Insights etc

a) A channel to connect with the last mile consumers as otherwise their interactions ends at Distributor / Dealer levels

b) To understand the current market trends / buyer preferences as more and more categories are transforming from Push to Pull and it’s important that the brands have a know how of the end customer buyer journey

c) Stock clearance for trade discontinued items offerings high discounts aligned with e-Commerce philosophies


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Amitava Bhattacharya

Amitava – Cofounder of UrsDigitally, GoMoLo – is a serial entrepreneur with 18+ years of experience specializing on Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Design. He is a digital nerd with a passion in creative story-telling. He regularly speaks at Digital Media summits and conferences; loves to sleep and watch Hollywood TV series when he is not working!

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