This Mistake May Be Hurting Your Digital Marketing Investments – What Can You Do

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Your digital marketing investments are not producing real business returns. You are spending a decent amount on Digital but leads are not good enough for your sales team to convert. In a recent Digital marketing training workshop that we conducted for a leading real estate company, we found some gaps that were killing their marketing campaigns. We will come to that.

Every time you have a sales review meeting, numbers just don’t grow up. And your sales team is always complaining about the quality of leads.

Your Digital Marketing ROI is not encouraging et all. So, what do you really do?

And You probably are thinking of changing your digital agency. Rightly so.

But the issue is worth getting deep into, and introspect much more than you see on the surface.

As Digital Agency owners for the last 8+ years we understand such pain points that business owners and decision makers are facing these days.

While interacting with Brand Owners &  Agency Owners all these years we have come across many scenarios reflecting the myths/mysticism/ taboos/ surrounding the ‘D’ word.

There is no doubt that many of them have been trying to measure the actual impact of Digital Transformation on the overall business.

But, look internally – does your team have the right digital maturity? Have you invested on training your sales team in digital marketing processes?

Can we really measure the digital marketing ROI / how effecient it is to grow the topline?


It is also true that the measurability aspect of Digital Marketing (read the various mumbo jumbo data your agency sends you religiously every month) is a double edged sword.

At one end it enables you to understand and analyze consumer behaviour at the nth level – on the other it also allows the agency working for you to obfuscate the real impact your Digital Programs are making.

So unless and until at the organization level there is a detailed understanding of Business to Digital Mapping, any and every digital initiatives taken will hardly make an impact – at best may  fulfill just a few tactical objectives.

What’s the soultion then?

Look out for experts with consulting background who can develop and conduct Digital Marketing Training workshops for your team.

So how We can help you assess your organizational Digital Maturity / Readiness?


Take this scenario.

We had a real estate client for whom we were doing lead generation. Good amount of leads were coming through FB & PPC campaigns. After running the campaigns for 2 months we met a very unhappy client, who felt that the leads were not qualified and they were giving no conversions.

In order to understand the problem at hand more deeply, We sat with the their internal team and collaboratively figured out what was going wrong:


  1. The CRM integration in the entire lead – conversion process was broken – meaning no traceability of when and how the leads were being followed up. Consider this as the Technology Gap
  2. The Content Nurturing Framework was missing so there was no customized and predefined content developed for the leads who were getting funneled and passing through various stages of the buyer journey – Let’s label this as the Process Gap
  3. The first level calls made by the telecalling team to the leads were made without analyzing the online behavior of the leads. The entire call experience was more like an Outbound Call resulting in low qualification at the first stage itself – We may term this as the People Gap
Digital marketing workshop and masterclass for a Leading Wall Decor company in kolkata
Digital marketing workshop and masterclass for a Leading Wall Decor company in kolkata

A long list got extracted highlighting gaps in People, Process, Technology, Governance and gave the client and us a good understanding of the organization’s current Digital Maturity / readiness.

Multiple such interactions and scenarios over the last 8+ years has made us believe that organizations both mid and large scale in nature are still struggling to understand the complete gamut of digital and most importantly how digital charters can converge to business objectives and the amount of readiness needed at their end to achieve meaningful results.

How we may help to improve the digital maturity of your team so that the business can get high returns from its digital spends

We have been conducting numerous ‘Organization Readiness workshops’ for many SMB / SMEs to train their workforce and decision makers on the People & Governance part of this digital transformation puzzle.

To solve the Process & Technology-gaps, we need to spend multiple sessions with the business owners and decision makers as this requires time and patience.


The key steps in our Digital Marketing Training workshops are:


  1. 1-2 sessions with the sponsors / core team to understand the Organogram and the key process owners/ executives  whose contribution would be needed to run a successful Digital Program
  2. Benchmarking the DQ ( Digital Quotient) of the People and accordingly customizing the Organization Readiness Workshops in terms of Number of sessions / Coverage and Timeframe
  3. Post every session assessment is done to demonstrate the learning
  4. Sharing of handouts / notes / digital cards to enable sustained learning
  5. Certifications ( As per need)


We have experienced a significant improvement in how Digital Transformation Training Programs are perceived and planned post these Digital workshops.

Contact Us if you want to do some organizational training / masterclass for your work force to boost your digital maturity.

    About the Author:

    Mitul Das
    Mitul – Cofounder of UrsDigitally, a leading Digital Agency in Kolkata – is a Techno Marketer with 18+ years of experience specializing on Business Strategy, Marketing and Technology (Service Oriented Architecture & Enterprise Architecture), Mitul brings to the table an unique flavour of ‘Business – Marketing’ alignment. Mitul has been instrumental in setting up the Enterprise Architecture Practice in PwC in his previous stint.

    You can connect him on Linkedin | Twitter

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