1 Powerful Content Strategy That Can Fuel Growth Hacking For Startups

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Most entrepreneurs think Growth Hacking Strategies for Startups can bring quick results through inorganic digital marketing campaigns. They think You can just switch it ON and start getting sales.

But they can not. Digital Marketing does not provide any easy way out as many agencies tout!

In my 15 years of experience in running a digital agency, and building a portal that clocked 2.5 million+ visitors every month, I have not found such growth hacking strategy shortcuts.

Yes, Digital Advertisement is the easiest way to reach out to a super targeted audience for startups – there’s no doubt in that.

But, reaching out is just the first step. That alone can not drive customer conversions for sure.

But, Why? If we can target a very specific segment with an irresistible offer, will people not buy?

The answer is, mostly NO! You must understand the psychological behavior of the audience.


89% of people can’t recall a brand from which they saw an AD in the last few hours. A common man is exposed to a staggering 1000+ ads in just a day’s time.


You would be naive to believe that your AD will start working as soon as it reaches out to your audience.

When they can’t even remember you, how could they even respond?

There are 2 ways to tackle this.


Scenario 1: If We have a decent budget at disposal, then We can force our message into our audience’s mind. This is known as the rule of seven. This means We need to be visible at least 7 times to our target audience before they get into our sales funnel. So, you need to invest in a long sequence.


Scenario 2: You do something ****ing different. Outrageous. Crazy. Bold. Hilarious. Emotional. Something that makes people go awww.

We don’t always need a big budget.

What we need are some ideas that can make the branded content share-worthy first!

So we only should push the sales pitch once our Target Audience at least knows us, and heard about us from others too!

kapferer advise on brand building as growth hacking strategiies

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