16 Hilarious Digital Marketing Jokes & Cartoons that Will Make You LOL!

Why crack marketing jokes, or somewhat digital marketing jokes in the first place?

Hardworking marketing folks are always too pressed with the regular drills of digital marketing activities – from crunching analytical insights to personalized targeting on a large number of platforms that keep growing by the day! Laughing out loud on our own stuff creates great comic relief.

And, mind you … most of these marketing jokes are meant to be understood by the marketing guys and girls with a high level of tolerance. So, here we go. A growing list of marketing cartoons with funny (or not) jokes!


Table of Content

  1. Not Found
  2. Filmi connection
  3. Comprehensive Keywords
  4. How to hide evidence
  5. The Latecomers
  6. They just love keywords
  7. Priest’s Target Goal
  8. The Tale of reciprocity
  9. A lack of this can be fatal
  10. A couple’s Wedding Vow
  11. The Twin Problems
  12. How to get noticed
  13. Soccer S.O.S
  14. Best Gift Wraps
  15. Web 3.0 difference
  16. Latest Viral marketing Hack


SEO joke – Not Found!

digital marketing cartoon, SEO joke - 404 error not found

“How come you could not find the room?”, the wife asked her hubby – an SEO professional.
“I swear, I tried. But they gave me room no 404!”, replied the exhausted husband.


PPC – funny Filmi connection:

funny digital marketing joke - cartoon on call to action

What’s so common between a movie director and a PPC guy?
Both are so obsessed with the CALL TO ACTION!


PPC Joke: Comprehensive Keywords

funny marketing joke - cartoon -ppc seo - keywords research with Adwords

Interviewer: How can you build a very comprehensive keywords list the easy way?
Interviewee: ADD WORDS!


SEO Joke: How to hide the evidence!

digital marketing joke - seo ranking joke - page 2 of google

Ques: What’s the best place to hide something with a full guarantee?
Ans: 2nd Page of Google!


PPC Joke: Problem with the PPC guys – Latecomers

digital marketing cartoon - SEO joke on traffic

Angry HR Manager: Can someone plz explain why you PPC guys are always late to the office?
PPC Manager: Sorry mam! But, you know we LOVE to get TRAFFIC!


SEO Joke: They just love keywords

digital marketing jokes - seo cartoon - pub

A SEO guy, on Friday night after the office, goes straight to the pub and drinks beer.

Later, in his daily journal he writes … I went to the pub, pubs, bar, tavern, and drank beer, beers, beer, liquor, alcohol …


CRO Joke: Priest’s Target Goal!

digital marketing joke on CRO - conversion rate optimization

A funny take on CRO – conversion rate optimization

A priest met a digital marketing consultant in his church. He called the consultant to his chamber and expressed interest to hire his services.
“We really need to improve our conversion rate by 100% YOY!”


SEO Humor: The Tale of reciprocity!

A hilarious joke on SEO - The reciprocal links

Two young couples met at a shopping mall.

“Are you serious?”, asks one girl, “you’re not going to buy engagement rings for your engagement?”.
“You know my fiance – he’s an SEO – thinks that they are like reciprocal links and must be avoided!”


Digital Marketing humor: A lack of this can cause serious damage!

A digital marketer gets dumped but why? Digital marketing humor - lack of engagement

“Why did she dump that cute digital marketing guy?”, asks a girl to her friend. “He looks so devastated!”
“It must be a serious lack of engagement”, quips the other girl.


Marketing Fun: A couple’s Wedding Vow!

funny digital marketing joke - cartoon on marketers wedding

What vow did the marketing couple take?
“In the name of God, We promise to be always on the same landing page with each other!”


SEO joke: The Twin Problems!

A seo joke - digital marketing cartoon - duplicate content

What do SEO guys see when they see twins?
Duplicate content!


Marketing Humor: How to Get Noticed!

Digital marketing humor - cartoon on how to make an impression

“How do you get people to notice you online?”, asked a marketing intern.
You have to make an impression, dude!”


PPC Humor: Soccer SOS!

digital marketing jokes - ppc - soccer

Save Our Soul!

Client service manager: The soccer team we run ads for is calling me repeatedly!
PPC manager: What for?
CSM: They want more goals to be set up. Also, they’re tired of penalties!
Director: Let’s get started. Can we target the referees?


Content Marketing Joke: Wrapping up

content marketing humor - white papers

How do content marketers effectively wrap their presents with?
Whitepapers, always!


Web 3.0 Joke: The big difference with Web 2.0

digital marketing joke cartoon on web 3 - web 2 difference

Web 3.0 and Web 2.0

Interviewer: What do you think is the difference between Web 3.0 and Web 2.0?
Interviewee: It’s 1…


Influencer Marketing Joke: Going Viral

influencer marketing humor - latest viral marketing hack

Did you hear about the latest viral marketing hack? It’s about co-creating content with sick celebrities!
OMG! We already going bananas with their pangs! Why would we want to onboard the ill ones?
LOL! It’s Influenza marketing, and it’s going absolutely viral these days!

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