Level Up Your Retargeting Game!

leveling up retargeting ads cartoon
This is a no-brainer!

Personalization of Ads and retargeting based on past behaviors swell the Ad businesses, and drive consumers nuts!

But what if we (the marketers) can go one step further, and morph ADs to match consumers’ cognitive styles?

A recent MIT study tested this approach and found that click-through rates went through the roof when they morphed banner ads by combining past browsing behavior and cognitive styles.

So, beware.

If you leave our site w/o buying, we can follow you to the end of this earth, in your own preferred style!

How about that?

But, here’s a catch!

Getting too specific on retargeting puts off customers.

For example, a survey for an online travel portal revealed that most customers feel irritated with dynamic and specific retargeting, as their preferences are not well-shaped during the initial phase (Awareness stage).



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