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If you have been through the journey of Sapiens with Yuval Noah Harari you would have realized that we as species have been the chosen one as far as ‘Cognitive Evolution’ is concerned. The transformation from the Stone Age to the Agricultural and then Industrial revolution has increasingly ascertained our supremacy as a race and the ongoing Digital Revolution which we are witnessing is going to add another chapter to our ascendency.

As Marketers / Consultants / Agency Owners we feel that this Digital Revolution is perhaps the biggest transformative phenomenon we all would experience in our lifetime. Unlike the IT boom of 90’s or Dot Com boom of 2000 which had impacted a set of People & Processes, Digital Revolution or Transformation is more intrinsic in nature and has the potential to change some of the core fabric of our very existence. The impact of any transformation is proportional to the possibilities it opens up and when it comes to Digital it has started defining a new grammar for our behavioral traits pertaining to the way we communicate / way we learn / way we shop/way we buy/ way we socialize and every passing day it keeps getting augmented.

Are you ready to transform your career in Digital Marketing?

There is an acute shortage globally in digital skills. The Digital Marketing industry is seeing unprecedented growth. In India alone, there will be a staggering 18 lac jobs available in Digital transformation services by 2020. So, are you going to miss the bus?