Digital Marketing Strategy Consulting

The question that most business owners and decision-makers encounter every day is that ‘How do we make an impact on Digital channels’ and more importantly ‘How do we measure’. When you choose to invest in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, you resolve a whole lot of problems with that.

Our Strategy & Consulting portfolio enables a brand to not only see the big picture before embarking on the Digital Journey but also to make them ready from all dimensions ensuring maximum leverage from their existing or planned Digital journey.

Are you ready to transform your Digital Marketing?

We provide a range of independent consulting services ranging from Digital Maturity Audit, Digital Governance & Assessing Digital footprint, etc. So in case you are deep into the Digital Journey and need an independent assessment report you can reach out to us.


Goal Identification

Finding the S.M.A.R.T Goals

  • Desired Business Outcome
  • Business Problems and Pain points
  • Micro and Macro level Goals
  • Targeted Timelines for Achievement(s)


Mapping with Digital Maturity Model

  • Existing Strength & Weakness
  • Setting up Success Grid
  • Maturity Assessment w.r.t Goals
  • Base lining current outcome

Strategy Blueprint

Gap Analysis & Formation of Roadmap

  • Secondary Research
  • Customer Journey
  • Persona Development
  • Actionable Charter

Audit > Governance > Impact

  • Business Goal Identification
  • Benchmarking with DMM
  • Maturity Assessment
  • Gap Analysis
  • Strategy Blueprint formation
  • Actionable Charter Development

Digital Maturity Index

  • Digital Assets
  • Digital Footprints
  • Organizational Readiness
  • Governance
  • Sales Funnel
  • Content Maturity

What they say about our work


Amitava and Mitul guided us in the transformational journey of re-launching our brand e-commerce. With deep insights, they helped us gain an understanding of the buyer journey and the need for us to adapt accordingly. ~ Sarat Binani


Mitul is instrumental in Excel Wallpaper’s digital transformation – from our failing legacy softwares to non-existing digital presence – they helped us understand and execute the process of building Digital Experience for our customers.~ Tamim Mandasaurwala


What Mitul and Amitava presented us with their meticulous Digital strategy and research simply astonished us. Despite being in tea industry for over 100 years, we had no idea how worldwide tea consumption trends are happening online. We discovered some of the most profitable geographies where we never ever attempted to sell. ~ Yash Lohia

Digital Transformation Workshops for corporates…

This Digital Revolution has just like any other revolution in the past made a few species ( read Process & Businesses) endangered and businesses globally are now trying to redefine in the wake of this transformation. Terms like Growth Hacking, Crowdsourcing, Co-Creation, Bots etc. are replacing the old glossaries and in the center of everything there is an emergence of an empowered, connected, information overload-ed, Speed Phobic Consumer who is forcing businesses to introspect every aspect of their supply and value chain.

This exploration of possibilities has been the key trigger which has compelled us to launch this platform ‘Digital Marketing How’ or ‘Digital How’ which attempts to create a collaborative, research-backed, digitally-enabled ( pun intended 🙂 ) platform for Business Owners, Decision Makers, Digital Practitioners and everyone who is invested today in the Digital Transformation. We have Observed, Created, Been privy to ‘Stories’ in our journey as Digital Practitioners in the last 10 years and while we have worked closely with 250+ businesses and through this platform and its offerings, we intend to bring those stories for you all.

Tamim Madasaurwala of Excel Wallpapers

Thank you Mitul and Amitava. It was an inspiring session for all of us. We had a great time! ~ Tamim Mandasaurwala

Nanak Dey - Country Roads

Every one at Country Roads team had so much of liking to these Digital workshops by Mitul and Amitava. We gained so much of new knowledge which we can implement in our work to deliver better experience to our guests!~ Nanak Dey

How can We help as Digital Strategy Consultant?

We will develop your digital marketing strategy blueprint for 6 months to 1 year period based on our in-depth digital marketing research. This typically includes the online buyer persona, customer journey – mapped with sales funnel, content calendar, keyword and search strategy, and digital governance framework.

As Digital Marketing Consultants whom do you typically work with?

We work with SME to mid sized enterprises alongside the business owners / decision makers (Department heads), who are struggling with their Digital Marketing initiatives. Most of them already have an Digital agency onboard but not sure of their digital advertising / marketing efficacies.

Do you also execute after developing the digital strategy roadmap?

As digital transformation consultants, we take the responsibility of creating a very comprehensive digital transformation blueprint. We will find you the right partners / agencies (give our agency UrsDigitally also a chance to pitch) to bring the strategy to fruition, and also set up the right digital governance framework to measure the progress and final outcome.