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Our short course on digital marketing is going to enable professionals in marketing / sales / business development / client servicing to learn how to leverage the digital ecosystem to enhance their career path

Digital Marketing Training in Kolkata

Want to have a high-flying career in Digital Marketing? Looking for the best digital marketing course to give additional firepower to your management career? Want to learn digital marketing strategies that will appraise your marketing career path? If yes, then you must be looking for the best digital marketing institute in Kolkata to do a short course on online marketing. Then, you have come to the right place.

  • Digital marketing jobs


    • Understand the fundamentals of the frameworks in Marketing
    • Map marketing objectives with the frameworks
    • Evolution of frameworks in marketing to digital age
      Frameworks like AARRR | Bullseye | Pirate Metrics | ICE Score
  • Digital marketing jobs

    Brand Positioning

    • Do a brand’s SWOT analysis using Kapferer’s digitally adopted model
    • Using 4C and 4E framework to strategise USPs to build a trusted brand online
    • Strategize to position a brand as a thought leader in its industry
  • Digital marketing jobs



    • How to do audience research to Understand buyer psychology
    • Develop buyer personas and customer journey
    • Identify relevant micro moments in your buyer journey
  • Digital marketing jobs



    • Identify competition strength and weakness with social listening
    • Explore the communication strategy adopted by the competitive brands across different channels
    • Discover search marketing strategy of the competitors
  • Digital marketing jobs



    • Discover the right keywords and identify the most profitable topics
    • Develop right content marketing strategy for cutting through the noise
    • Master storytelling techniques that make audience engage
    • Developing an engaged audience
  • Digital marketing jobs



    • Learn effective copy writing to develop ADS that can sell
    • Understand PPC strategies for different level of sales funnels
    • Learn how to run ADS on Google | Facebook | Linkedin | other social networks
  • Digital marketing jobs



    • Optimize landing / sales pages for better conversions
    • Do multivariate or A/B testing to optimize campaigns
    • Optimize Customer experience (CX) across the funnels / digital assets
    • Optimize website / app for Search Engine visibility
  • Digital marketing jobs


    • Learn the process of outreach to cold audience at the top of the funnel
    • Convert cold audience into warm audience through automated sequencing
    • Driving top of the funnel awareness towards activation i.e. interactions
    • Configure behaviour based outreach sequence to retain audience interest
  • Digital marketing jobs



    • Nurture leads to build a meaningful relationship so that they feel convinced to buy
    • Transforming new customers into loyalists so that they refer others
    • Automate response management at every step of the funnel through sequencing
  • Digital marketing jobs



    • Develop a success grid to track gradual progress of marketing activities
    • Measure and report metrics like engagement | cost per click | cost per sale | unique page views | repeat visits | bounce rates | entry and exits
  • Digital marketing jobs



    • Build a sense of familiarity and comfort across all channels and devices so that customers can initiate a touch point anywhere on any device and finish it at someplace and some device totally different

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Digital Marketing Batch for Managers

Does digital marketing career in India have a great future?

According to BusinessWorld, there will be 18,00,000 Digital marketing jobs available in India by 2020. And in 2018 December, Facebook has announced its plans to train 50,00,000 Indians with Digital skills to help small and medium businesses in the country. In 2019, smartphone companies alone plan to spend INR 330 crores in Digital marketing. Now you can safely calculate how big is the online media spend in India. In a recent data published by IAMAI, it is estimated that digital ad spend will overtake TV ads in just 2 years i.e. 2021. As per Livemint report, Digital ad industry to grow 32% to touch ₹24,920 crore by 2021. It is poised to contribute 29% of the total ad spend by 2021. Hence, the demand for good digital marketing courses that offer hands-on approach of teaching is really high these days.

How is the job market in digital marketing in India?

As of today in 2019, there are close to 4-5 lakh job postings across popular job portals like Naukri, TimesJobs, Indeed, Linkedin. This is poised to become 3x bigger by end of 2020 according to the industry estimate. It is going to be a reality that every marketing team in any company will have a hub dedicated for online marketing. The future scope of the digital marketing industry lies in delivering a wide range of DX (Digital experience) to the end customers. And the range is really very wide. Clearly the demand for good digital marketing talent is much more than the current supply is.

What is the average salary structure in digital marketing?

A fresher can can start with a basic internship for 3-6 months, and then get 10K-15K monthly in a mid-level to a large company. A good certification will boost the salary range to 20-25K per month. With 2-4 years of experience in Digital marketing, one can earn 30-40K per month. People with 5+ years of experience in content / ppc / seo may draw anywhere near 5-10 lakhs p.a. The highest paying career path in digital marketing is to become a Digital manager, which gets to earn anywhere between 10-15 lakh per annum. To cut the story short, digital marketing really pays well in India.

Is it too late for me to start a career in digital marketing?

Perhaps this is the best time ever to get into digital ecosystem. In India, digital has set its initial footprint in last 5 years, and now have started to grow exponentially. According to Gregor Theisen – senior partner and managing partner of McKinsey Digital, there is a massive shortage of digital talents across the globe. And India, he thinks, has the great opportunity to fill the shortage due to its experience in outsourcing.

How will be the career growth in digital marketing in India?

You must aim to become a T-shaped marketer or growth hacker eventually. That’s the ideal career progression in Digital marketing. So, you start with a specific skill set like content writing / SEO / PPC etc and then expand the expertise to a few more closer categories in 3-4 years. Example if you have started with SEO writing then get into the copywriting etc. Go deep into these buckets to become an expert. Develop a wide and holistic understanding of other categories of digital marketing.

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Digital marketing workshops in Kolkata for Corporates

Do you think your organization lacks in digital maturity which in turn is hindering your business growth? A recent survey on SME / MSME business leaders revealed that the decision makers across all the verticals feel strongly about training their work forces on digital transformation best practices.


Why US?

Being serial entrepreneurs ourselves we have built not one but multiple digital agencies. We have helped many businesses in East India to train their employees via digital marketing workshops. We can turn the digital laggards into high performing resources in your team.

  • Assess

    • Identify business objectives for the digital training
    • Identify the critical KPIs of the team
    • Assess current digital maturity of the team
  • Customize

    • Develop a training calendar
    • Grouping of the trainees as per their KPIs
    • Create topics and interactions as per current digital maturity
  • Recommend

    • Analyze impact on the learners
    • Present personalized report card of the team
    • Identify team members with growth oriented mindsets

It was so refreshing for us to attend the digital transformation workshop conducted by Mitul and Amitava. We were amazed to find so many new possibilities that we can incorporate at Country Roads Resort. Thanks Mitul and Amitava for this series of wonderful digital workshops on hospitality industry. If we can implement even 25% of what we learnt in these workshops, I think we will be very happy.

Nanak Dey, GM
Country Roads Resort


For the first time our team – as you correctly labeled as the digital laggards – took so much of interest in this digital transformation process that we are rolling out organizationwide. Our sales team got immensely excited to learn about the small steps that can help them grow. From rolling out sales force app to custom app, we were always trying hard to catch up but kept struggling. Now with these training workshops, we have finally understood the magnitude of the digital transformation that Excel wallpaper is going through.

Charanjit Singh, Business Head (Custom Wallpapers)
Excel Wall Decor

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Hire us. Whether you are looking for Digital Transformation / Marketing veterans to train your workforce, or public speakers to share insights / strategies on Digital Marketing, then get in touch with us. Note: We take selective assignments due to our hectic schedule.

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